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Touch of the Wolf by Vella Munn - Guest Post & Giveaway


Abandoned as a child, Winter Barstow is a woman without a family history and with few clues to lead her in the right direction. When a stolen artifact from the Olympic National Forest arrives at her door, Winter travels to the remote outpost in Washington in search of who sent it to her and why. Instead of answers, she finds the handsome, yet moody Forest Ranger Jay Raven hiding from his heritage.


Jay’s attraction to Winter is instantaneous, and powerful. To admit it, however, means Jay must recognize a culture he’s left behind—something he’s not willing to do. But when Winter discovers the body of her college mentor, her life is in danger and only the call of the wolf can lead Jay to her side and back to his Native American ways.

And a love strong enough to offer both.

As Winter continues her search for the thieves, she becomes a target for killers. Now Winter and Jay must embrace their heritage and the spirit of the wolf to save Winter’s life, as well as the love that has brought them home.

Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Length: 317 pages
Release Date: December 30, 2013
Imprint: Ignite

The Book Excerpt

The Guest Post

Have you ever been stalked by a fictional character? If you’re a writer you know what I’m talking about. If you’re a reader (which I hope you are), here’s a bit of insight into a writer’s mind. We aren’t alone in our heads. All kinds of characters are yammering at us demanding to be listened to and have their stories told.

That’s what happened to me long before the seeds for my Entangled Ignite romantic suspense Touch Of The Wolf started to put down roots. A young woman with black eyes, long black hair, and a lost look started whispering to me. She told me her name was Winter Barstow because when she was a child she was found abandoned near Barstow California in the winter. She knew nothing about herself and needed me to help her on her journey to fill in the blanks. Of course I listened. She explained that she is a newly-minted anthropologist thanks to her mentor, a university anthropology professor who understood her lost look and reached out to her.

Because I wanted/needed to give Winter a suspenseful journey, I had the professor challenge her with the gift of an authentic Native American ceremonial wolf mask that couldn’t possibly have survived Olympic National Forest’s rainy climate and yet did. When he disappears in the forest, Winter feels compelled to come look for him. That’s when she runs into Jay Raven, a Native American forest ranger.

Jay took longer to trust me with his story. For a while he was simply a sexy but shadowy love interest for Winter, but maybe Winter had a long talk with Jay because finally he decided to let me know that he was just as complex. Once he told me about trying to live in the modern world while respecting his heritage and the conflict that brought, I knew he deserved equal time in the story.

Hopefully I’ve accurately portrayed these two remarkable young people. I certainly tried.

And now that I’ve told their stories, other characters are yammering at me. It’ll never end.

About Vella Munn 

Vella Munn cut her writing teeth penning confessions. At the time she had two preschoolers and not enough time or confidence to write anything longer. She hit the confession wall after writing, “I Was An Unwed Father”, and moved onto category romances. Some 30 romances for the major romance publishers later, she dove into historicals and wrote nine Native American historicals for Tor/Forge. Under a pen name she has written mumble-mumble erotic romances for a variety of publishers and self-published. The electronic publishing explosion excites her and she sees endless possibilities. It’s a crazy exciting time for writers and readers. A longtime member of Novelists Inc., an organization for multi-published fiction writers, she is grateful for the knowledge, experience, and support of fellow members.

Her favorite genre has always been romantic suspense and she’d delighted to be part of Entangled’s Ignite line where hopefully her out-of-the-box imagination won’t have people thinking she needs a padded room.

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